Introducing: Bali


My partner and I aren’t ashamed to have our own ‘favorite’ cats. Bali is mine (unless Burma is on my lap then my favorite cat is Burma).

Bali is talkative, loud, insistent for food, curious, doesn’t really appreciate other animals, and has a crooked tail.

You will often find her staring hopefully at you in the bathroom, because that is where her food dish is.  She stretches and puts her paws up as high on whatever surface is nearby and MEOWS repeatedly if she thinks she has a chance of getting food out of you.


Burma (L) and Bali (R)

She LOVES playing with the BEST CAT TOY EVER. So much that she will chase it until she can’t anymore and lays down panting. We used to store it in a clothes drawer and now anytime that drawer is opened she gets obviously excited and runs and jumps into it.

She lays on me at night and sometimes butts her adorable little soft head into my face.

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