Jonah (now Eddie) Update!


Some of you will remember how shut down Eddie (formerly known as Jonah/Jingle) was when Pet Haven pulled him in early 12/15. Initially he didn’t even feel comfortable enough to drink water normally.

LOOK HOW COMFORTABLE HE IS IN HIS NEW HOME! I would be lying if I didn’t say that we cried when we got his photo update.


His adopters that say “[Eddie] is doing SO good. He’s just been the best for us! He’s really come out of his shell. He’s been to three different houses so far and even had a play date with a Great Dane that came over.”


We went to [the vet] and they said he’s looking great! He’s super attached to us but is cute in the way that sometimes he just wants one of us and not so much the other. He’s also super emotionally supportive. If one of us is sad, nine times out of ten, Eddie goes and cuddles with that person. Thank you again for all you’ve done for him. He’s getting better every day because of all the good and loving work you did with him. “

His adopters even made a fantastic enrichment game for him–you put pieces of food in a cupcake tin and cover them with tennis balls so  that the pup has to figure out how to get the treats. Look at how inquisitive and happy Eddie looks!!


We really couldn’t have hoped for a better update. We are so happy for Eddie and his family.


One response to “Jonah (now Eddie) Update!

  1. OMG, happy tears falling on my face 😂
    This update strengthens my heart for what we do in rescue. One at a time, we make a difference ❤️
    Thank you for giving him another chance with life.


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