Past Animals


Homer, adopted from Secondhand Hounds                 Picture Courtesy of Twin Cities Pack Walk

Homer was the epitome of a ‘good old porch dog.’ He loved being with his humans and was excellent with all types of animals (the only exception being that one time he almost bit a police horse). He had his Canine Good Citizen and we did therapy work in a local hospice, visiting a special man named Joe.

He taught preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders about Dog Safety and loved to follow our young nephews around, picking up the food they would drop.

Homer loved playing fetch and quickly learned how to swim into the lake to get a tennis ball. We did multiple levels of traditional obedience, Rally-O, and agility together.



Zoey was my first dog as an adult. I used to dog sit her for her former owner and was always told that she was ‘extremely aggressive’ with other dogs. I loved watching her and we would curl up on the couch together, watch movies, and go on long walks. When I was in Her original owner let me know she couldn’t keep Zoey because she was going to sell her house and begin to live in senior living. She told me that she couldn’t find anyone who would take Zoey because of how aggressive she was and that she had done her best and arranged for her sweet little housedog to go to her relatives in the south and they would keep her on a chain in their backyard.

After that call I spent a long time crying hysterically, but after I talked to Zoey’s owner again, she stated that she wouldn’t sell her house so Zoey could come live with me when I got out of school in a year.

That began my journey into dog training and behavior. Zoey initially was extremely reactive but we went through classes and private trainers and eventually Zoey (who used to require about a 40-60ft bubble from other dogs) was able to train right next to unknown dogs (3-4 feet away) in a loud, chaotic training club and have a fun time doing it.  The extensive training that we did really forged a special bond between us.  She was sassy and contrary and I loved her.


Meja, adopted from Pet Haven

When we adopted Meja, we didn’t need a third dog. But we found her and fell in love with her and we worked hard at integrating her into our house. She loved playing fetch (and was tireless at it, even at 11 years old), going for long walks, and SWIMMING. She ‘smiled’ when she met new people and made odd hippo noises when she was a little anxious. She had the most beautiful white fur and a sense of entitlement about sleeping on the bed.

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