Adam and Frankie

Veterinarian Dr. Adam Bennett wants to understand animals and wants to help people understand animals. His love of dogs with behavioral problems started with the first dog he owned, Zoey.

Zoey was a German Shepherd who Adam was told was very dog-aggressive when he adopted her. When he was younger, Adam didn’t have any idea how to handle a dog that lunged, growled, and barked at the end of her leash when walking past other dogs.  He hired CPDT Colleen Falconer with The Enlightened Canine, began learning about dog training, and never looked back.


Zoey, Photo Courtesy of Twin Cities Pack Walk

Zoey went from not being able to be in the same warehouse as another dog to being able to completely focus in a regular dog obedience class. It took a lot of time, patience on both parts, and training but was a lot of fun and forged a very strong bond.

Other than dogs, Adam enjoys kissing cats on the nose, camping, biking, knitting, quilting, daydreaming about homesteading, and finding ways to live on less.


Adam with Matt, a previous foster dog through Wags & Whiskers

Additionally, Adam is transgender and a proud member of the LGBTQ community.

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