Introducing: Burma


Burma is hands-down my partner’s favorite. Burma was her first cat as an adult and has been with her for a long time, so I guess it’s okay to have a soft spot for her.

Burma drools when you scratch under her chin just right and has the softest little meow that she usually only uses when you are about to put the food in her bowl.

She sometimes will play fetch and she will play with THE BEST CAT TOY EVER (only if Bali isn’t using it), but her favorite game is “Make the Bed.” If she hears you starting to make the bed, she bolts from wherever she is to leap up onto the bed under the covers. Then she rolls around and claws/bites at the sheets while you are snapping them out above her. When you put your fingers on the top of the sheet you can just see her little paws attack it through the sheet, like some kind of demented 1st grader in a home-made ghost costume.


Burma is also our most neurotic cat (she has been on behavior medication before). When her house is too loud or has too much change, she will begin self-mutilating (pulling out her hair and licking open sores into her skin). So we DO have to be careful and make sure she is comfortable.

She loves to sit on a quiet lap (and unfortunately it’s almost never mine, because I often have dogs on mine) and purr. She quickly will vacate her spot as soon as she sees another animal coming for it.

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