Introducing: Frankles

This is our dog, Frankie. She is the quintessential perfect imperfect dog. But we just call her perfect for short.


Why is she perfect?

She is god-damn sweet as pie.

She is excellent with dogs, cats, and kids.

She wags her tail so much that she once broke off part of it.

You can tell she loves you in her eyes.

She has her own ideas about how things should be and doesn’t hesitate to let you know.

She loves to go on walks and loves to laze about. She lets you pick the activity level.

After about a year of tireless training, she has become the ideal little spoon. (She used to be like cuddling with a Lego.)

She is attention seeking but MOSTLY unobtrusive and listens well.

She knows sit, down, go lay down, and how to loose leash walk.

She doesn’t resource guard. Our 4lb foster kitten could take her food away and she would just look at the kitten like “why would you do that to me” and walk away.



Why is she imperfect?

Her “go lay down” can get sassy while she decides if she wants to listen to you.

She has SO MANY TUMORS. So far, all of the ones we have removed have been benign but you can’t look away from her and look back without another tumor popping up.

She will eat stuff (like belts that have to be removed with an endoscope) if she is alone and bored.

She ONLY knows sit, down, go lay down, and how to loose leash walk.  (This is really our fault and not hers, we’ve only put real time into her learning how to loose leash walk.)

When other dogs approach her a little rudely (head on) or they walk into her house unannounced she can get snarky. If she goes on a walk with them for 3 minutes there aren’t any snark concerns unless the other dog completely deserves it.


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