$25,000 Fundraising Challenge


The local non-profit I am on the board of, People & Pets Together, is in the running for a HUGE prize–$25,000–from Minnesota Monthly (a local publication). We are the only animal-related non-profit that is in the fundraiser and will have a two page spread in the MN Monthly non-profit edition.

$25,000 would be a game-changer for our little non-profit and allow us to extend our lease for our pet food shelf for two more years!! Keeping animals with the people who love them is important! We are committed to supporting people keep their four-legged family members even when times get tough. It would mean a lot if you would donate a few dollars to help us come in as a top-three finisher–that would secure an ADDITIONAL $25,000!!

People & Pets Together is a free-standing pet food shelf. We believe that loving pet owners should never have to choose between feeding their family or feeding their dog.

People & Pets Together offers hope and an alternative to surrendering beloved family pets to the animal shelter. We support the relationships that people have with their pets.

Our program provides pet food to Metro area food shelves, host subsidized vaccination clinics, offers small grants for veterinary care, and, most recently, opened Minnesota’s first pet food shelf and resource center.


“We know pets are family, and we help families stay together.”


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