Georgie’s E-Collar Woes


Last week, Georgie had her eyelid tumor removed. It was irritating and causing her to squint and have all kind of ocular discharge. After having the tumor removed, she’s not squinting anymore and the white of her eye is actually white (and not an inflamed bright red)! Her vet (also a graduate from the UMN CVM) did a fantastic job.


It’s all well and good that her tumor was removed (and it ended up being a benign growth that shouldn’t grow back) but our shins will never recover! Georgie is probably the worst dog I’ve ever had in terms of understanding where her e-collar is in space and avoiding hitting things.  When she walks around the house you know where she’s at based on the sound of the things she is running into and what’s falling over. Scrape, bang, pop, crash.

She tips over all sorts of food/water bowls and has created more messes than we’d like to clean up, but the worst part of keeping any dog in an e-collar is keeping them from being depressed. Georgie is pretty sad in her collar so we make time to pat her little head, tell her how much we love her, and that she won’t have to wear it forever.





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