Jonah Update: Adoption Event


Jonah has had an exciting few days that have helped us realize how far this little brown dog has come.

We no longer have any concerns regarding Jonah and other dogs. As he has settled in, he has proven himself to be a giant puppy during dog-dog greeting (play bows, lots of wagging). He is forgiving and tries to steer clear of dogs that are a little grumpy and growl at him.
Thursday night he had an sudden episode of low blood pressure that landed him at the UMN Vet Hospital–but he did great there and came home the next day. His specialists didn’t know what caused it but think it might have been a fluke allergic reaction. He is 100% back to normal (as were his X-rays and a short ultrasound) but the rescue is following up with his regular vet later this week just to be on the safe side.

He came home on Friday and it was like nothing happened. He was doing so well that he got to briefly meet another dog friend and today he went to his first adoption event–he was so brave!


When we first walked into the pet store where the adoption event was we scooped him up because his anxiety was clear. He was shaking in my arms for about two minutes (we were sure he was only going to be okay to stay for 10-15 mins) when he began taking high value treats and settling in. He became comfortable enough to go on the ground after about an hour and then he met a very gentle person who charmed him–and he walked right into her lap.

If you’ve been following him for any length of time you know this is a BIG deal because although Jonah does love to cuddle, he has never voluntarily climbed into anyone’s lap before (besides us as his fosters). He made himself at home and soaked up the calm energy his friend was putting down.
He ended up staying at the adoption event for one and a half hours–he could have stayed the whole time but we always try to end interactions on a high note and we could tell he was exhausted. He essentially hasn’t woken up since he got home.

We couldn’t be more proud of him–going to a busy, loud adoption event full of new people and dogs is not something we thought we would necessarily be able to do with him. Dogs make progress at their own pace–and sometimes you have to catch up to them!


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