The dog he is inside.


Look at this happy, confident little shadow–this is the dog Jonah is inside.

I am usually down-to-earth and realistic, but I couldn’t help bursting into tears when I saw this photo and how playful and free-spirited Jonah’s shadow looked. Even though it’s a little hokey, I can’t help but feel that his shadow is representing the dog he is underneath his anxiety–and the dog we are becoming more and more familiar with.


Jonah had a great time playing outside today (first day over 60F this year!!). He hasn’t been really big on interactive play (we can get him to engage for a little but he would rather play by himself). He no idea what do with the flirt pole (it’s like a giant cat toy for dogs) initially. A few seconds of watching Frankie whip around after the toy and Jonah jumped in on the fun. For more information on flirt poles, how to use them, how to make them, and more check out this great article from Notes from a Dog Walker.

All that running around tuckered both of them out. The spring weather turned the backyard into a playground again and has everyone acting like puppies. You don’t notice what an effect the weather has on everyone’s activity level until it’s warm again and suddenly the dogs WANT to go outside.

It’s hard not to feel like everything is new and positive with the weather like it is. Jonah is completely integrated, learning to trust us, and working on going to adoption events. In December, we were not sure he would ever get to this point.  We think it will only get better from here!


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