Stock-still, Frantic Movement

One of the first things that you would notice about Jonah, if you met him, would be that he is either moving frantically or not moving at all.

When he doesn’t feel in the least bit secure (like when he is outside in the yard) he is pulling, jerking, and doing everything in his power to get back inside the house. He contorts his paws to dig his claws in as deep into the ground and puts all of his terror and strength into it.


When he is inside in an environment he has been in before (either in his crate or on the couch) he is very still. Some people interpret the absence of movement as comfort or happiness, but if you look at Jonah, you can tell he is still unsettled. His whole body is tense, his eyes are worried, and his skin and muscles twitch when you touch him. Jonah is about a year and a half old. How many dogs that age (especially pitties) do you know that will lie down in an unmoving lump for a whole day? How many don’t wag their tails? How many don’t respond to human cues (either physical or vocal)?

I hope you don’t know too many dogs like that, but now you know one: Jonah.

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