Jonah and The Whale


Jonah is our foster through Pet Haven and came from a local impound in Maple Grove. He is not a typical dog. It is likely that he wasn’t socialized as a puppy and most of his life consists of terror of the unknown (and unfortunately he doesn’t know anything). He doesn’t have any trust in his heart for humans–or didn’t until he spent some time being temporarily fostered at our friend’s house. It still isn’t much but last night he intentionally laid his head on her arm. For Jonah, seeking out human contact is a BIG DEAL.

We named him Jonah because of the story of Jonah and the whale. In our Jonah’s case, the whale is his anxiety. Even when he is sleeping beside me he isn’t relaxed. He is shut down and tense. My partner and I hope to make him comfortable enough to show his true personality. We will keep you updated on Jonah’s journey, his progress and set-backs. He is a gentle dog and a quiet guest.


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