Jonah is ADOPTED!


BIG NEWS! Jonah got a very important phone call last week–it was his new family telling him they love him and want to keep him. He’s ADOPTED! He met his new Mom & Dad last week and they seemed to be a perfect fit for him. They can be homebodies and understand that Jonah is as well and that new places and people scare him. His new dad mentioned that he knows that dogs have emotions and that Jonah is a very gentle soul. They said they understand that he needs to take anti-anxiety medication and are completely on-board with managing his anxiety. They waited him out when he was initially scared of them and it was worth it–now he can let down his guard on their laps. They are taken with his tender, playful personality .


His new family has been great. They have listened to my partner and I talk about his challenges and asked questions to make sure they understood everything. They kept bringing up things they would do to help him transition and become comfortable.

Jonah even has his own room in his new home (with a little set of drawers each holding different toys for him). His new family arranged it so he can relax on his twin-sized bed and look out of the window at the same time.  He moved in with them last night and it is completely official.


Credit should really go to his rescue, Pet Haven, Inc. of MN, who has been behind him 110%, making sure he got the care he needed—mental and physical. Not every rescue understands anxiety or is willing to medicate for it. Pet Haven is made sure Jonah had a check-up (he has had some minor health issues) the day before his adoption so that his owners to have any surprises to worry about regarding his health. If you are looking for a reputable rescue to adopt from (or foster with) and are near the Twin Cities, Pet Haven should be at the top of your list.

My partner and I are really happy that he’s found a permanent family but are definitely going to miss him—he’s such a sweet, easy dog to have around. We really thought we would have more time with him (several months or more) but it is clear that he will be able to grow with his new family and he is at a point where he is mentally strong enough to make this transition.


Have a great life, Jonah!

Know that you are always welcome here.

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