Jonah & Frankie: Supervised Playing

Since the last update, Jonah and Frankie have been working hard on their relationship and we are pleased to report they have been doing well together! We are doing supervised play and Jonah is loving it. We haven’t had any other issues but do watch them closely and stop high-intensity playtime after short periods.

We have been keeping their interactions more in the kitchen because it is the most open space in the house and thus harder to feel trapped in.

Jonah loves biting for Frankie’s legs and Frankie has gotten pretty good about scrambling away from him. Jonah is still learning how to play appropriately but Frankie is doing a nice job of teaching him so far.

The things he will be learning from Frankie most likely include:

  • not bulldozing into her
  • not trying to hump her
  • not biting at her little legs
  • not always being an over-whelming spaz
  • not knocking her over


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