Vet Part II


Jonah just got neutered and had a broken tooth removed. Leaving him at the vet’s office was pretty emotional for both Jonah and myself. It seemed like the worst thing I could have done to him. He is finally (barely) starting to trust me.

After a month of all of that positive work, I wonder what he thinks when I take him in and leave him in an unfamiliar, loud place that smells like disinfectant and has so many stressed animals in it.

While we were waiting for the technician to take him to his kennel, he stood right next to me and I softly stroked his back and told him that I would come back for him.  But I know he can’t understand me. And even though he came back to our house the same night, I can’t stop myself from thinking how he felt for those 7 hours while he was at the vet’s office.

He was undergoing surgery, in an unfamiliar place, completely drugged and alone. I hope he came through it with the understanding that we will always come back for him.

One response to “Vet Part II

  1. I was like you when we took our dachshund to be neutered and to have a tooth removed. Dogs are so resiliant. We went to the vets today and our dog was fine x


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