Get ready to cry.

It seems like Jonah is beginning to find his sea-legs. He is still making progress faster than I can tell you about it.

  1. He no longer has to be held on a leash to go in the yard. And he doesn’t spend all of his time out there scrambling to get back inside.
  2. He will walk out into the yard on his own and do his business (although you do have to stand out there with him, if he can’t see you he gets nervous).
  3. We have ‘played’ in the backyard multiple times. Essentially this involves me trying to act like a playful dog and he play bows, scrambles, and runs around the yard. I have to stop moving when he gets back up on the porch, though, or he is scared of me.
  4. HE PLAYED WITH TOYS. This is not the first time he has interacted with toys, but it is the first time that it has looked like play to us. On one or two occasions he has grabbed toys and just started ripping them to shreds, but he is frantic and tense and it didn’t look like play at all.  Here he is interacting with his environment, curious, and I would say playful. He did this for about an hour.
  5. This morning instead of uneasily running out of his kennel, he walked out. He met me at the door to the backyard and wagged his tail a couple of times (before I got too close and he got intimidated).

When we first picked up Jonah (and after we’d known him for a week or two, we were very nervous about him never becoming a ‘real’ dog. Now we can see the glimpses of the real Jonah in his rare tail wags and play bows.




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